You are the sewing machine and electronic embroidery brand # Brother FS155

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* Brother sewing machine and embroidery

* 100 format formats

* 55 form letters and numbers

* The basics of sewing (regular darting, zigzag sewing, button fitting, hitchhiking, cloud installation, hidden stitching, etc.)

* 8 different forms of epilepsy

* Some of the forms of agricultural embroidery

* Ability to control the speed through the button to increase and reduce speed

* Ability to install speed

* Strong metal structure

* Automatic threading

* Speed ​​750 stitches per minute

* Easy selection of stitches (via disk)

* Work the loop automatically one step

* Shuttle filling from top *

LED lighting

* Quick steps to fill the shuttle

* Simple system to connect string

* Additional seven teeth

* Button to control the length of the stitch and display

* Stitch length up to 7 mm

* Stitch display up to 5 mm

* Portable and can be navigated

* Accessory accessories

* Japanese technology

* Manufacture in Vietnam

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