Delivery Information

Delivery Information

The delegate shall request a period of not less than 24 hours to determine the date of receipt of the order

Taking into consideration the schedule of connection to the cities of the state

Customer has the right to change the order data before leaving the company for delivery without any additional charges

If we are to move to it, we want to be committed to it every time.

Selection: 1 - Inspection of orders of safety of the two - Refused to receive orders non - colors with the laws of the state

Result: 1 - Not all data from the client as expected

The order is sent in a single coupon and in case the buyer is not satisfied

The customer may not change the beneficiary's data after the delivery order has been issued and a new delivery fee is estimated if the change is confirmed

In the case of the refusal of the beneficiary to pay fees

Expedited Express Orders for an additional $ 20 fee

The delivery company shall not bear any liability after delivery of the order to the beneficiary and the signing of the receipt voucher

It makes payment of the delivery fee in the event of an error after delivery of the order by the customer

Disposal and consumption is done every Saturday and Sunday in one of the following ways:

 1- Bank deposit

2- Transfer by money exchange

 3. Cash